Tuesday, March 1, 2011

12th March 2011 : Words of Wisdom

Words and Wisdom is a compilation of quotations and the greatest thoughts shaping the world of leadership, strategy, intelligence, performance, and contemporary human values. It's a search for the inspiring words and invaluable phrases that harness timeless wisdom for its application to the important work of creating the future.

This work is biased - and clearly so - in favour of the human spirit, leadership, optimism and hope, freedom, possibility and the belief that individuals truly strive to greatness - to a greater purpose and community. And although words and thoughts are abstract and conceptual, the imagery and inspiration when reduced to reality can indeed inspire great actions.

One heart and one mind at a time. We hope you will find at least one great thought that stimulates, challenges, comforts, or inspires you, as that is the ultimate purpose of this work.

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