Roles In Club Meeting

Roles In Club Meeting

Toastmaster of the Day
Toastmaster of the Day is also the emcee or host of the meeting.He/She need to ensure the meeting is running smoothly and able to lead the audience from the beginning to the end of meeting by creating a positive and friendly environment.

In every meeting there is a wordmaster who will introudce new word and new thought so that every Toastmasters can learn one new word every meeting and strengthen the grammar base.

Invocator/Thought of the Day

Assignment Speaker
The assignment speaker is the one who deliver speech before hand according to the time given and manual.Beside that, there are assignment evaluator to evaluate his delivery & presentation.

Assignment Speech Evaluator

After every speech, an evaluation is given. After speaker have presented their speeches, evaluator will evaluate one of the prepared speakers for the meeting. In addition to his oral evaluation, he will also give the speaker a written evaluation from the manual. The purpose of the evaluation is to help the speaker discover their natural ability and suggestion for improvement.

Table Topic Master

Table Topics Master is responsible in running the “table topics” session with the several purposes in mind. This to enable members to develop the skills of impromptu speaking as well as the ability to “speak on their feet” and providing a speaking opportunity for anyone who had been given the opportunity to speak on the platform.

Table Topics Evaluator
To provide quick feedback on how well each speakers perform in the delivery of their table topics speeches.

General Evaluator
The General Evaluator is responsible for the evaluation of the entire meeting. In practice, the General Evaluator evaluates every portion of the meeting. This begin with the opening of the meeting, through the business meeting, introduction of the toastmaster and every participating member, including the speakers’ evaluators.

Timer:to ensure the speakers have good time management
Ah counter:to detect filler such as ah,um,so ok
Grammarian:to detect grammatical error and give suggestion for improvement